Wilderness Of Kitsch

'Lana Americana' Oil on Canvas - 80x120cm

'Lana Americana' Oil on Canvas - 80x120cm

This painting of the American singer Lana Del Rey, called 'Lana Americana' is a different direction for me, and the first painting of a body of work I am calling my ‘Wilderness Of Kitsch’

The original oil on canvas, 80x120cm, is based on a photo I created in my studio; it was composed of kitsch toys and objects and a 2D cardboard cut out I made of Lana.  This work will allow me to combine other sides of my practise and create more narrative pieces, I've done a lot of portraiture, and want to combine people with the kitsch still life subjects I'm better known for, reflecting their personalities and telling a story about their lives.

As I'm a fan of Lana's music, I thought she would be the perfect modern day icon, given her old school glamorous style, for me to begin exploring this new concept; my work is a combination of nostalgia, kitsch, taking the old and seeing it through fresh eyes, which I think is something that comes across in her music too.  

The two babes in the woods were commissioned by a very dear friend of mine, and feature his daughters in a fairytale-esque wonderland, hence the titles befitting the pieces; 'Alannah In Wonderland' 80x110cm, and 'Bethan Through The Looking Glass' 80x110cm.  I plan to paint more people I admire, from all walks of life, in these kitsch settings, with objects that reflect their character, and one day hope to have a show featuring them all.  I also welcome private commissions, so if you would like to be immortalised in my wilderness, get in touch via the contacts page.