London Fashion Week

 ‘Cherry Bomb’, 80x120cm oil on canvas

 ‘Cherry Bomb’, 80x120cm oil on canvas

I'm thrilled to announce my recent collaboration behind ‘Cherry Bomb’, 80x120cm oil on canvas. The piece has been created with bespoke lingerie designers Darkeststar who are using the image throughout their autumn collection entitled ‘Blow Your Bondage Cherry’ (*); to be exhibited at London Fashion Week this September! *parents and teachers please read below

Designer Sam D'Cruze from Darkeststar had seen my previous paintings featuring cherries, and had the idea to ask me to paint them mid explosion for their forthcoming collection.  Their range of carefully hand-crafted pieces is best described by themselves “elegant kink, sophisticated lines with a naughty twist” so this project is a bit of a departure for me away from the world of toys and sweets I'm best known for!

Sam created an initial image on photoshop, from which I then, as always, painted free-hand and exaggerated and enhanced all the various elements to create a large oil painting; this image was then used across their entire range, a few examples can be seen here.  For the fabrics, the cherries have been enlarged and therefore become almost abstract, and the result is ace.  I particularly love the grey version with the splash of pink, blue and lime green colours.  Sam says “The collection draws inspiration from Blow your Bondage Cherry. We've collaborated with Sarah Graham to paint exploding cherries. This collection aims to bring an element of fun to the bondage genre.

Limited Edition Prints

This painting will also be a limited edition print.  A boxed canvas version, the same size as the original - 80x120cm - is being exhibited alongside the collection at Somerset House during London Fashion Week.  Details to follow on here soon of when, where and what format this print will be available as.


You can see Sam and I pictured here (laughing hysterically) against the wallpaper they had printed for their shoots, we are hoping to have this made commercially, and launch this properly at some point too, so watch this space for more info on that...


*parents and teachers please note the adult nature of some of the content of Darkest Star's website - unlike me, they are catering solely for grown ups - so please be mindful of this as I am very aware young students study me in school.

Sarah Graham