Illustrating Rain Interview

I recently attended a conference in London, and met fellow artist and illustrator Kiran Patel, she knew of my work and asked if she could interview me for her blog, I was happy to oblige and you can read the interview below.


Sarah Graham – Painter

I was lucky enough to meet Sarah and discover her work. I have a huge admiration for her awe-inspiring skills and mastery of her photorealism paintings. Not only are they sweet reminders of the sugary delights I enjoyed as a child (and still do) all her subject matters evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia that spark memories from the recesses of my mind. The sheer luminosity of her paintings, combining her skills, colour and composition add to any subject matter she turns her hand to.

1. What is one of the best things about being an artist?
The opportunity to create.

2. How would you describe your process from inception to creation? 
It starts with a crazy idea, and then I take to my photography studio and try to recreate what’s in my head.  From there I simply print off the image, and scale up by eye onto the canvas. 

3. What or who outside of the art world has been your greatest influence/ inspiration?
My dad, he died in 2004, but he was the person who encouraged me as a child and adult to pursue my dreams.

4. How do you feel about the ideas surrounding being an artist as a career path as opposed to the perceptions of what a ‘real job’ is? 
It’s ridiculous, I’ve had my fair share of people thinking I should get a ‘real-job’, but you get one shot at this life, why waste your precious time doing something that doesn’t matter to you.   

5. How have you traversed this path and dealt with it? 
I’ve just been stubborn, people telling me I shouldn’t do it has always just made me hungrier to make it work!

6. Where and when are you at your most creative?
Obvious answer to this is in my studio, however ideas come at me wherever I am.

7. What things do you need to do to live as an artist aside from the creative process that those on the outside would never know?
You have to be good at business (I’m not really!) and admin and marketing, you have to be so many other things than just 'an artist’.

8. Do you have a morning ritual before you begin working?
I always make a tea ;)

9. What is the best advice that you have been given that is still useful to you to this day?
'Follow your heart’ (from my dad)

10. Any words of wisdom you’d like to share with anyone out there who may want to pursue life as an artist?
You have to be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices, especially when starting out, but don’t give up, if your belief and skill are there, you can do it.

11. Are there any current or upcoming exhibitions where we can see your work?
I’ll be exhibiting my new ‘pic n mix’ work at Byard Art in Cambridge soon, and am in a summer show at The Art Agency in Esher.  My ‘pic n mix’ will be at the AAF Battersea in October too.

12. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?
Flying, I’ve always wished I could do this.  I used to jump off the stairs as a little kid trying… which ended in me breaking my arm!

13. Favourite book or movie?
Favourite book ‘The Power Of Now’, favourite film (so many!) probably ‘The Wizard Of Oz’

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