Alright, Sweetart

I'm going boho in Soho as of this weekend with my fellow artist mate Kim Haskins!

The exhibition 'Alright, Sweetart?', opening 25th October, is unlike ANYTHING I've done before. Thanks largely to the bohemian venue Maison Bertaux, which, according to The Independent, "has been selling patisserie to arty types in Soho since 1871. Now, the bijou bakery has opened a quirky gallery space". The gallery is run by Tania Wade, named by exhibitor Noel Fielding (he's not just funny, he's an awesome painter), as the Hooligan Art Dealer.  

Between us, we have created an opulent clash of two very different approaches to realism, to hopefully tantalise your visual taste buds; my vivid depictions of joy contrast with Kim's looser and darker take on the sweet stuff. Meeting somewhere in the middle is my recent collaboration with fashion label (for grown up eyes only!) Darkeststar, who produce beautifully bespoke lingerie with a kinky edge; the painting 'Cherry Bomb!' was used for their recent collection and exhibited at London Fashion Week. 

The show runs right through until the end of December and is FREE.  Mid Christmas shop, you can take a break, stuff your face with cake, while enjoying art... my kind of gallery ;)

'Mon Cheri Pop' 50x70cm

'Mon Cheri Pop' 50x70cm

Sarah GrahamMaison Bertaux