'Seventy Sweet Girls'

In 2013, I was approached by UK inde record label ‘Choose My Music’ to produce a painting to celebrate the album launch of one of their US artists, Drew Danburry, who recorded a 70 song album of short collaborative tracks each based on a girls name called ‘For All The Girls’.

Drew Danburry

So I asked Drew what his favourite ‘candy’ was, he said ‘I'm not too specific about how I go about ingesting sugar/corn syrup but I really like generic jelly beans and any sort of gummy candy, like gummy bears’. With that in mind and the feminine theme of the album, I set about filling a gift bag with seventy sweets, against a warm pink background. I didn’t want the piece to look particularly modern, there is something raw and nostalgic about Drew’s music, and I wanted that to be reflected in the painting."

The album is now available here in the UK via Choose My Music records.